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Best bets: Batman's back in 'Dark Knight Rises'

No event this week can top Friday's release of "The Dark Knight Rises." Fans have been waiting for months, many opening-night screenings are sold out, and enterprising scalpers were trying to get hundreds for their tickets. There's nothing else big hitting the theaters this week, and TV and DVD releases are quiet, too, so if you're not a Bat fan, you may want to use this week to soak up that summer sun.

TUESDAY: 'Singing in the Rain' 60th anniversary edition on DVD and Blu-ray
Who doesn't love the 1952 classic musical "Singing in the Rain"? Gene Kelly taps his way through a downpour, climbs lightposts, and splashes in puddles with a joy and talent unequaled before or since. The film is now 60 years old, and it'll hit Blu-ray for the first time this week. Both DVD and Blu-ray watchers can pick up the special anniversary edition -- one set, the ultimate collector's version, even comes with an umbrella. (On DVD and Blu-ray July 17.)


THURSDAY: 'Project Runway'
Season 10 of "Project Runway" premieres this week. Host Heidi Klum and meticulous mentor Tim Gunn are back, and Klum stretches out on a bed of scissors to promote it in an ad for the show. (The slogan? "Cut or be cut.") After last season's all-star challenge, the show has now rounded up 16 new designers to take their shot at the title. Info has already leaked out about the first episode, in which the designers must create an outfit to match one they'd previously designed at home. (July 19, 9 p.m., Lifetime.)


FRIDAY: 'Dark Knight Rises'
Batman returns this week -- finally! It seems like we've been hearing about this sure-to-be-a-blockbuster forever. In the conclusion to the "Dark Knight" trilogy, the Caped Crusader must battle Bane, who famously once broke Batman's back in the comic books, and now wants to destroy all of Gotham City while its helpless hero watches. Anne Hathaway slithered into Catwoman's skin-tight catsuit, and Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all have roles. (Opens July 20.)