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Paul McCartney made how much for his Olympics Opening Ceremony show?

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Paul McCartney at the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Being the famed musician Paul McCartney is, the Olympics must have had to shell out the big bucks to get him to perform for the opening ceremony, right?

You might be surprised at what the Beatle's paycheck came out to be. If you're thinking in the millions, you're going to have to bring that figure way down.

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McCartney was paid -- wait for it -- only one pound, or $1.57, for his performance at the Olympics opening ceremony, according to The Huffington Post, but even that wasn't anticipated.

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All performers were aware that their services would be donated to the event, but the fee was a way to make the Olympics contract binding.

That's kinda awesome, don't ya think?

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