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'Skyfall' trailer has it all -- gadgets from Q, creepy villain, Bond girl, and plenty of danger

Warning: Possible spoilers for "Skyfall" follow. If seeing James Bond jump out of a helicopter alongside the Queen of England during the Olympic opening ceremonies whetted your appetite for a little more 007, get ready to tuck in, because two nice juicy full trailers for "Skyfall" have just landed (one for domestic release, one for international).

The action begins with M (Judi Dench) perusing Bond's obituary, as if for one minute the British spy could have been killed off. Sure enough, he's soon back in action, ready for another round of beautiful women, exotic destinations and danger.

Bond gadget guy Q returns in this film, and he's gotten younger, as he's now played by Ben Whishaw. It's a big role to step into, but Whishaw nails it, with a slightly nerdy, still classy take on the gadgetmaster. One of the coolest things in the trailer is when he explains that Bond's Walther PPK has been coded to the spy's own palmprint, so no one else can fire it. Oh yeah, that's going to play in to the plot in a neat way.

Javier Bardem gets yet another bad hairdo as villain Raoul Silva, and Bérénice Marlohe is a lovely Bond girl (is there any other kind?) with a chilling warning for Bond about Silva's powers. And we're looking forward to figuring out just how M managed to lose a hard drive full of secret agent details, and how she and M16 will deal with the consequences.

"Skyfall" opens in the U.S. on Nov. 9. And as TODAY's Matt Lauer told viewers Monday, the spy franchise turns 50 this year. Daniel Craig, the current Bond, notes in the clip that he's happy to maintain the character, and hopes that plenty of other actors will play 007 after him and carry on the tradition. Take your time, Mr. Craig -- we're not so eager for you to hang up your tuxedo jacket.

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