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So you want to be a Hollywood stuntman? Check out what this guy went through

Forget the "Jackass" wannabes on YouTube who crash shopping carts into bushes and set off fireworks way too close to their crotches -- if you really want to be a Hollywood stuntman, check out this video.

Derek Barnes says on YouTube that he got his foot in the stunt door working as a rigger on the "Total Recall" remake. He says he needed to up his game and spent a year training before putting together his demo reel.

The footage, featured on Reddit, is meant to portray a man being chased by an assassin, and starts with Barnes getting hit by a car on his bike. From there he jumps off buildings, falls off a horse, jumps from a moving car, gets tossed down some stairs, fires a shotgun while riding a unicycle and more. The whole thing is set to the White Stripes' wonderful "Lafayette Blues."

Maybe he's not the next Jason Bourne. But he might be the guy who does the stunts for the guy who plays the next Jason Bourne.

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