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Five years of one man's haircuts, tattoos and friends -- in music video form

By now, pretty much everyone has seen a YouTube video featuring someone who took a photo of themselves standing in front of virtually the same background each day for a year. Two years. Five years. 

Well, a man calling himself Thisnomyp has raised the bar: Not only did he take a photo of himself every day for five years, he turned it into a compelling music video (set to music by Buckethead) that shows him moving around, shifting rooms, getting a tattoo, posing with friends and more. Calendar pages and T-shirts scroll by so fast it's impossible to catch them all. (If you can uncover what the two cartoon balloons held up by friends at around the 54-second mark say, you're faster on the pause button than we were.)

Most interesting, of course, is Thisnomyp's (mostly) unblinking stare and the changing creative lengths of his facial and head hair. And bonus: According to his YouTube notes, Thisnomyp has another installment coming for the end of 2013.

Check out the video for yourself!

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