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Kate Winslet's 'Titanic' screen test reveals film's dubious beginnings

It's hard to imagine that "Titanic" had the potential to be a flop. But take a look at this footage from star Kate Winslet's screen test for the movie, and you'll likely agree the earliest iterations of the film were not pretty.

For starters, Jeremy Sisto (who now appears on ABC's "Suburgatory") -- and not Leonardo DiCaprio -- plays Jack. Whatever the opposite of "having chemistry" is, that's what Sisto and Winslet have in this footage.

And the dialogue ... oh my. To say that director James Cameron did some tweaking would be an understatement.

To be fair, does anyone really want their first drafts out there for all the public to see? But kudos to Winslet: She was only 19 years old when she shot "Titanic," and even in an otherwise awful screen test and without the chemistry of DiCaprio to play off of, Winslet really shines.

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