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Full 'Lincoln' trailer released, Oscar race officially on

We've seen images of Daniel Day-Lewis as he began his transformation into Abraham Lincoln for the new Steven Spielberg film, "Lincoln." Now that the movie's full-length trailer is out, it appears we can rename this flick "Oscar Bait," because there is no way that Day-Lewis' incredible portrayal of the 16th President of the United States is going to be overlooked by the Academy.


Even if history buffs ultimately decide to take issue with the Hollywood treatment of Lincoln -- the film also features Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens, David Strathairn as William Seward, Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens, Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln and Joseph-Gordon Levitt as their son, Robert -- the visual direction of the period drama appears stunning, even in this short trailer.

And in terms of acting, it also appears that Day-Lewis' performance is much more subtle. His last Oscar-winning performance in "There Will be Blood" was nothing if not impassioned; it will be interesting to see Day-Lewis take on a role that requires a more deft touch.

"Lincoln" will land in theaters Nov. 9.

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