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Just keep swimming! Three reasons you should see 'Finding Nemo' in 3-D

If you have kids in your life of a certain age, you've seen "Finding Nemo" so many times you know all the names of the Tank Gang, will never forget P. Sherman's Sydney address, know exactly when John Ratzenberger makes his voice cameo, and have spent waaay too much time wondering how they ever got out of those individual Baggies.

So why should you pay the upcharged ticket price to see the 2003 Pixar classic in 3-D?

Three reasons.

1. "Mommy, the ocean's gonna pop out in our face and Marlin's gonna swim out to us!" -- my 4-year-old, as she put on her 3-D glasses and the movie she'd seen a hundred times at home rolled out in a new dimension on the big screen.

If you like "Nemo," you'll love it in 3-D. The film is a visual treat even on a lousy home TV, and on the big screen, it's a dazzling rainbow of rich turquoise water, bright green plants, and sea creatures in every shade. And let's face it -- it's easy to get distracted when watching from your couch. In the darkened theater, even scenes that you might have skipped over at home prove worth watching for their humor and rich detail.

2. There's a new "Toy Story" short, featuring Rex the dinosaur getting down with a new crowd of pals -- bathtub toys.

3. Did you hear those unconfirmed rumors about a 2016 "Nemo" sequel? Just in case they prove true, it's fascinating to watch the movie again in theaters and notice the numerous places from which a smart sequel could develop. How about a look inside a day at Nemo's school? Or discovering what really did happen to the Tank Gang once their Baggied selves plopped into the water? We're not usually big fans of sequels to true classics, but if it had to be done, you can envision Pixar doing it well.

Are you a "Finding Nemo" fan? Will you see it in 3-D? What about those sequel rumors?  Tell us what you think on Facebook.

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