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Feel the Force: Band sets world record for most 'Star Wars' costume changes in a video

Remember this video, in which the band Eytan and the Embassy sing about how "Everything Changes" while lead singer Eytan Oren changed into 18 different iconic musicians?

Now the band has taken the concept into a galaxy far, far away, utilizing the same song, but this time putting sax player Geoffrey Countryman up front, and swapping him in and out of 13 different "Star Wars" costumes.

Countryman starts as a dorky blonde-wigged Luke, then keeps on lip-syncing as he's helped in and out of the other outfits. Han Solo points a gun with a BANG! flag while Greedo draws his own gun and falls over behind him. As an Ewok, Countryman nibbles a Saltine cracker. As Admiral "It's a TRAP!" Ackbar, he finds his fingers stuck in one of those paper finger traps.

Chewbacca, a bun-headed Princess Leia, Boba Fett and other well-known "Star Wars" characters also make appearances, ending on Darth Vader himself. Even Yoda shows up, played not by Countryman, but by "Yodi the hairless cat."

While the video is considered a world record by Recordsetter.com,  we're pretty sure"Star Wars" costume changes in a video is not actually a Guinness Book recognized category.  Still, the video is fun to watch and impressive. According to Recordsetter.com, it was recorded in one take, with no edits or camera speed changes.

The YouTube text for the video describes Countryman as a "Star Wars" fanatic, and notes of the video, "The force is strong with this one." We agree.

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