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'Toy Story' toys burn up in family's evil prank on mom


"Toy Story 3" has one very frightening scene, but doesn't end as bleakly as one prank envisioned.

Fans of the “Toy Story” movie trilogy well know that terrifying scene in the third movie where it appears as if Woody, Buzz and pals are going to burn up in a trash incinerator. (Spoiler alert!) They're saved at the last minute by the little green aliens and their prowess with a giant claw, but one family decided that ending wasn't quite dark enough.

In a video that has recently gone viral on YouTube, a user going as justinwwwalin and one of his siblings decide to fool their mother by re-editing the ending of the Disney-Pixar animated tale using the software program Final Cut Pro. In their version of the film, the beloved toys aren't saved, and presumably fall into the fire to be burned up.

The scene doesn’t get too graphic –- it merely fades to black, leaving the characters’ incineration up to the imagination –- but it's still a shocking and heart-wrenching end.

As he edits the movie, the filmmaker notes, “Everyone knows at this part, when they’re about to go into the lava, the claw picks them up and saves them.  Well, we didn’t really think that was a good enough ending…We thought it should end with them accepting their deaths.”

Accordingly, the amateur editors chop off the ending, then show it to their mother and other family members.

“Is that it?” their startled mother asks when the film comes to a close. “That’s not it?“

“Isn’t that the saddest ending to a Disney movie ever?” the filmmaker responds. “They burnt alive.”

“That is so wrong,” mom replies. “Wouldn’t kids be…They’d be sad? It’s like devastating.”

The real version of "Toy Story 3" goes on to have the rescued toys taken to a new home with young Bonnie. The actual film was released in theaters in 2010, earning rave reviews and several Academy Award nominations. But even with its happy ending, the incinerator scene shocked many viewers.

In his review for the Orlando Sentinel, film critic Roger Moore wrote that some scenes were  "almost too intense for a children’s cartoon,” adding, “What had been a break-the-toys-out-of-daycare comedy — Pixar’s “Prison Break” – becomes Disney’s “Inferno.””

On the YouTube video, the filmmaker later interviews his mother documentary-style, asking her opinion of the ending before divulging the truth about his magic in the cutting room. Needless to say, mom isn’t quite as amused as the rest of the family, who enjoys the joke at her expense.

“How does it feel to have trolls for kids?” the filmmaker asks.

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