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The best songs ever? A new list picks the top 100

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The Beatles

So you think you have an idea of what the best pop songs of all time are?

If so, you might want to check out a new list the music blog Consequence of Sound unveiled last week in celebration of its fifth anniversary. It’s a rundown of what blog editor-in-chief Michael Roffman and his cohorts consider the 100 Greatest Songs Ever, and the eclectic list represents six decades of music.

Featured artists run the gamut from Madonna to Otis Redding to Metallica to the tried-and-true Beatles and Beach Boys. Spoiler alert: it’s a Beach Boys song, "God Only Knows," that tops the list. The Fab Four make their first appearance at No. 5 with "A Day in the Life."

The question is whether this list represents anything the average listener can relate to, since it’s steeped in older sounds: of the top 10, only one artist, Radiohead, is represented with a song released after 1999. There’s no "Just Dance" or "Hollaback Girl." And don’t look for Maroon 5 or Ke$ha anywhere. Are the best days of pop music in its past? An essay by senior editor Adam Kivel addresses this question and offers several answers to why this list and others like it are steeped in past musical glories.

For a quick rundown of the list, go here. Or you can check out the full list with song write-ups starting from number 100 here, or beginning at No. 1 here.

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