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Steve Martin mixes classic comedy with political endorsement

Fans of Steve Martin don't require much from the comedian/actor in order to get a good laugh. His classic brand of humor should be appreciated even if he's just sitting in front of you crumpling a piece of paper.

Check out this Martin bit on YouTube that doubles as a political endorsement for Bob Kerrey in Nebraska's U.S. Senate race.

Billing himself as a home crafts expert, the wild and crazy guy teaches viewers how to make a wad of paper. Because Martin needs props and more than two minutes to explain that that's not as easy as it sounds, there's plenty of time for the Kerrey message to get across. An off-screen helper delivers the endorsement via notes slipped into the frame.

The routine brings back fond memories of Martin's 70's-era stand-up act, especially his work with balloon animals. At one point in that classic clip, while wearing a ballon hat and Groucho glasses, he says, "I'd like to get serious, just for a moment. We're having fun out here, that's the important thing, to be able to laugh in today's world ... "

More than 30 years later, tongue still firmly planted in cheek, Martin adheres to that credo.

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