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Best bets: 'Sinister' may be scariest horror movie of the year

Two 1980s flashbacks hit the entertainment world this week, and a movie that some are calling the scariest of the year is ushering in the Halloween season. Here are top three entertainment picks for this week.

TUESDAY: 'E.T.' on Blu-ray
Turn on your heartbeat again. "E.T.," the  1982 classic that some have called the best science-fiction movie of all time, is turning 30 this year. If you haven't met up with Elliott, Gertie, E.T. and the crowd since back when legwarmers and jelly shoes were cool, you can now make their acquaintance again on Blu-ray. The new Blu-ray will include an all-new digitally remaster picture plus never-seen footage and a new interview with director Steven Spielberg. (Out on Blu-ray Oct. 9.)

THURSDAY: 'Beauty and the Beast'
"E.T." isn't the only 1980s icon who's returning this week. Remember the romantic 1980s TV series "Beauty and the Beast"? A brand-new show based on that fairy-tale concept hits airwaves this week. The 1980s show, which starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, was a romantic drama with hints of mystery. The new show is supposedly more like a crime procedural, with romance, of course. Kristin Kreuk's Catherine is a homicide detective, and Vincent the beast (Jay Ryan) is a doctor. Instead of the heavy-duty makeup Perlman wore, Ryan's handsome face only has one scar. Wha? (Premieres Oct. 11, 9 p.m., the CW.)

FRIDAY: 'Sinister'
Halloween is approaching, and horror-movie season is already here. "Sinister" is already earning rave reviews from the love-to-be-scared crowd. For a while, it had a perfect 100 percent positive critical rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Ethan Hawke plays a true-crime author who moves into a murdered family's house and then finds home movies showing other families being murdered. Things just get creepier from there, if that's even possible. Graham Young of The Birmingham Post calls it "the best horror movie of 2012 to date." (In theaters Oct. 12.)

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