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Batman gets lost thanks to Apple Maps in fun viral video

Even the Dark Knight isn't a fan of the new Apple Maps application. In a fun new viral video posted by MovieClips Trailers, the phone program sends Christian Bale's Batman crashing haplessly through the streets of Gotham, creating fireballs, explosions and smashed-up buildings in his wake, and leaving one daydreaming driver minus a sideview mirror.

The clip effortlessly combines scenes from 2008's "The Dark Knight" with inserted bits showing the character manipulating an iPhone with the Apple Maps program running.

The Caped Crusader begins by throwing Heath Ledger's Joker to the ground as he takes off on his Batcycle to save his childhood friend Rachel.

And perhaps he'd have made it, too had the infamous app not sent him off on wrong streets and various other wild-goose chases, including one that took him zooming right through a crowded shopping mall.

"That's not a road!" Batman tells the program at one point. "Stupid thing!"

The app even gets smart with the superhero, telling the Dark Knight to turn right on "Crime Alley," then snapping, "Just kidding." As you can imagine, things don't end well.

Apple's CEO apologized last month for the "frustration" mistakes in the mapping app have caused its customers and said the company was working on improving the program.

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