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Best bets: Complex 'Cloud Atlas' floating on Oscar buzz

There's one promising major movie coming out this week ("Cloud Atlas") plus a bunch of titles that look awful ("Fun Size," Chasing Mavericks," "Silent Hill" Revelation 3D"). So if "Cloud Atlas" and its complex storylines aren't your thing, you may want to check the new DVD titles, which include "Magic Mike" and "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter."

TUESDAY: 'Magic Mike' on DVD and Blu-ray
Girls' night in! If you missed "Magic Mike" in theaters, or if you just want to see Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey boogieing it up as male strippers once again, you can scoop it up on DVD or Blu-ray this week. The film was probably better than it needed to be for all the naked eye candy it offered up. It performed magic at the box office too, where it was such a big hit that a sequel is planned. Matthew McConaughey steals the show as Dallas, the older stripper who now owns the club at the heart of the film. (Out on DVD and Blu-ray Oct. 23.)

TUESDAY: 'Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter'
Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," a serious look at the beloved president, comes out in a month. You'll never confuse that film with "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter," which came out earlier this year and is now on DVD and Blu-ray. In "Vampire Hunter," Lincoln learns at a young age that there's a whole supernatural world of bloodsuckers out there. By the time he's president, he's fighting two armies, the Confederates and the vamps. Critics gave it mixed reviews, but it's a fun night's rental. (Out on DVD and Blu-ray Oct. 23.)

FRIDAY: 'Cloud Atlas'
Do we start the Oscar buzz now? Tom Hanks and Halle Berry star in "Cloud Atlas," the new film based on David Mitchell's 2004 novel. It reportedly received a whopping 10-minute standing ovation when it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. But the trailer doesn't make the movie's plot immediately clear. The film winds together numerous storylines and spans centuries. Don't think you can just sit back and let it wash over you, either: Variety's critic calls the film: "an intense three-hour mental workout rewarded with a big emotional payoff." But can it suck in enough regular moviegoers willing to tackle that workout? (Opens Oct. 26.)