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Madonna tumbles on stage during 'Like a Prayer'

"Like a Prayer" has brought Madonna to her knees -- but not in a way she'd prayed for. On Saturday while taking the stage in Dallas for her MDNA tour, the Queen of Pop literally proved to be all too fallible despite her superstar status.

Halfway through her performance of her gospel-tinged 1989 hit -- a showstopper of a number that closes her concert -- the 54-year-old headed to the mosh pit to sing with her adoring fans but stumbled as she reached out to one of them, nearly landing face-first on the stage.

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Madge somehow landed on her knees, gracefully rolling out of the boo-boo while barely missing a beat and resuming her performance. Nice save!

This isn't the first time the singer's taken a tumble onstage. In fact, she's mounted a virtual world tour of tumbles. Let's line them up, shall we? There's Wembley, Lisbon, New York, Amsterdam and -- most recently -- this year's Super Bowl, where she briefly lost her footing.

Props to Madge, though: The diva survivor always knows how to roll with it.

At least Madge didn't suffer a nip slip--lots of that going around...

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