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'Daily Show's' Jon Stewart: After last debate, 'I think Romney's leaning Obama'

Comedy Central

Jon Stewart takes a closer look at the final presidential debate on "The Daily Show."

Admit it. We’re happy the presidential debates are done, right? Even late night talk show hosts seem ready for the page to turn on the news cycle already.

Tuesday marked two weeks to go until Election Day, and in one of the milestones denoting the end of the process, it was also the last round of debate recaps on the “Daily Show.” Host Jon Stewart was less ranty than he had been after the first two. Instead, he was fascinated by the amount of support Mitt Romney had for President Barack Obama’s foreign policy approach.

After months of the Republican candidates and his party’s blistering attacks on Obama’s decisions, there was a surprising amount of agreement on issues like drones, Afghanistan, and even Iran.

“I think Romney’s leaning Obama,” Stewart said after showing a round of clips where Romney praised the current administration’s policies. “Apparently Romney’s one of those coveted swing voters.”

Among the issues of agreement: Romney’s desire to dissuade Iran from having a nuclear weapon through peaceful and democratic means. “Get a haircut, hippie,” Stewart said.

What Romney is offering that he claims is lacking in the current administration is leadership. But with the similarities between the two’s policies, it’s hard for Stewart to see how that would happen.

“Follow me!” Stewart said, in a possible Romney leadership speech. “I’ll be right behind the president!”

Stephen Colbert watched the debate as well, and noticed the fixation that everyone had with Israel.

“I was playing a drinking game last night where I took a shot of Manischevitz every time someone said Israel, and by the end of the debate I was totally … diabetic,” Colbert said. Which, given the sweet character of the wine, would not be a surprise.

More than Stewart, Colbert noticed some differences between the candidates. For example, Romney criticized Obama for his Iran policies by noting that Iran is now four years closer to developing a nuclear bomb. Of course, given that time only moves in one direction, so is everyone else -- including Colbert himself.

“Admittedly, I’m still far away – at the Mentos and diet coke stage,” Colbert said. “But still.”

With the election tightening and a tie now a possibility, Colbert’s also looking forward to the return of his old friend. “As we know from history, the rules clearly dictate that in the event of a tie, our next president will be George W. Bush,” he said.

If the Democrats were looking for a Get Out the Vote strategy, that would do it.

But over on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," the pre-Election Day tension eased. 

The candidates (or at least reasonable facsimiles) put the debates and disagreements behind them in favor of a "hang session."


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