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Ice-T's wife Coco braves Sandy to give weather report

Well, it may not be the most meteorologically informed weather report we've ever born witness to, but then that's probably not the point. Ice-T's reality show-starring curvalicious wife Coco did her part to boost the spirits of storm-damaged NYC and beyond Monday, braving the elements to give us some in-the-field reporting from the eye of the storm.

And if it happened to skew more wet-T-shirt-contest than actual weather report, so be it.

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OK, so Al Roker's job security is probably just fine, but Coco nevertheless did her part yesterday.

"I just uploaded a video of me testing out the wind before Hurricane Sandy hits land," she tweeted Monday. "U can't hear crap though."

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Somehow, we don't think it's the sound people will be most interested in.

However, levity-bringing as her video was, things quickly got real for Coco.

"In total blackness," she tweeted later. "No power, streets r flooded. Its kinda creepy. I feel like I'm n Walking Dead show waiting on zombies 2 come out any minute."

Stay safe, Coco.

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