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Green Day's 'Breaking Dawn' video for 'The Forgotten' features plenty of movie clips

Be prepared to -- once again -- get super stoked for the release of "Breaking Dawn Part 2"! Green Day's music video for their track "The Forgotten," which is featured in the film, was released Tuesday, and they were sure to include a good amount of "Twilight" footage from the anticipated flick to please fans.

(For that we say, "Thank you.")

"Twilight: The Secret History, Part 2" -- Edward Cullen meets Robert Pattinson

At first, we up-close glimpses of Bella Swan's blood-red eyes and we think, "Great, is that all we're gonna get?!" And luckily, we assumed too quickly.

Look at this pictures from the "Breaking Dawn Part 2" press tour

Spliced in with Green Day concert footage, are numerous clips of Bella embracing her new vampire qualities, along with scenes of her taking on motherhood with daughter Renesmee and -- wait for it -- some PDA between Bella and Edward, oh yeah.

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