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Jay-Z has '99 problems but Mitt ain't one' at Obama's Ohio rally

Jay-Z joined President Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday and offered a lyrical twist on his hip-hop hit, "99 Problems."

The rapper subbed "Mitt" for "a b--ch" in the song, singing, "I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one" in a nod to Obama's Republican challenger, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. 

"I didn't get that vetted, so let's do this real fast before they come up here and snatch me off this stage," Jay-Z says to the cheering crowd.

Bruce Springsteen also rallied with Obama a day ahead of Tuesday's election. The rocker performed in Madison, Wisc.

Romney was on a four-state tour through Florida, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire.

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