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Best bets: 'Twilight' prepares to go out with a battle royale

It's finally here. The vampire battle royale is about to begin as "Breaking Dawn Part 2" wraps up the mammoth "Twilight" saga with the fifth and final film. Also this week: Pixar's lively "Brave" hits home video, the American Music Awards rock out.

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The final "Twilight" battle begins this week.

TUESDAY: 'Brave' on DVD

It may not be top-level Pixar a la "Toy Story," but this year's "Brave," the story of a flame-haired Scottish princess whose fight with her queen mother turns bad, is definitely worth seeing.  Redheaded Merida is a dynamo, and her curls fly around like fireflies. The story drags a bit once a witch's spell changes the mother-daughter relationship, but this film is still a hit for kid-centered homes with parents dying for a new movie to watch 93,564,274,052 times in a row. (Out on DVD and Blu-ray Nov. 13.)

FRIDAY: 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'

"Twilight" fans and foes, your moment is here. If you hate the uber-popular vampire saga, rejoice, because this is the last movie in the five-film series, and you soon won't have to hear about Team Edward and Team Jacob any more. If you're a fan, you're not reading this because you're already camped out on the street waiting to be the first on your block to see "Breaking Dawn Part 2." "Part 1" was family focused, with Bella and Edward finding first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Bella with a half-vampire infant in a baby carriage. Renesmee is growing up fast, and her very existence has set up a giant vampire brawl for it all, with the royal Volturi coming from Italy to try and destroy the child. Good luck with that. (Opens Nov. 16.)

SUNDAY (NOV. 18): American Music Awards

The American Music Awards may not be the Grammys, but the live show will have plenty of star-studded moments anyway. Christina Aguilera will be among the performers, and Nicki Minaj and Rihanna top this year's nominees. There'll also be a new electronic music category introduced -- naturally, Skrillex is nominated. (Nov. 18, 8 p.m., ABC.)

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