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'Man of Steel' trailer shows a majestic Superman

Secret identities can be problematic. Like, say you could save an entire school bus full of kids when the bus sinks into a body of water, but it might mean that they discover you're Superman.

What're you gonna do? Let them drown? That's the dilemma for young Clark Kent in the new "Man of Steel" trailer, which gives you the idea that being plunked down into Smallville isn't the easiest possible transition for a superpowered kid.

Those of us who still mourn Christopher Reeve, long for the iconic version of this hunky, clean-cut hero, can feel the legacy's in good hands after watching this trailer. British actor Henry Cavill, best-known from "The Tudors," is majestic and powerful in the few glimpses we get of him in full Supe costume.

"Man of Steel" opens June 14.

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