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Who should play Hillary Clinton in upcoming movie?

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Hillary Clinton.

When "Rodham," a screenplay about the life of Hillary Clinton, made the list of Hollywood's hottest unproduced scripts, political wonks from L.A. to the Beltway erupted with excitement.

Penned by Young-Il Kim, the script's The Blacklist description reads: "During the height of the Watergate scandal, rising star Hillary Rodham is the youngest lawyer chosen for the House Judiciary Committee to impeach Nixon, but she soon finds herself forced to choose between a destined path to the White House and her unresolved feelings for Bill Clinton, her former boyfriend who now teaches law in Arkansas."

Though the project remains in the earliest stages of development, and its debut on the big screen could be years away, everyone wants to know: Who will play Hillary Clinton?

Various actresses have been reading for the part, a source close to the production confirms to NBC, but no one is officially attached. Potential directors are also in discussions for the project, which is being produced by The Arlook Group and Temple Hill Entertainment (which also produced the "Twilight" series).

The script begins with Clinton's time at Yale, and followers her as she meets and falls in love with Bill Clinton, and then progresses through her and Bill's major life milestones up until shortly after Nixon's resignation.

Bill Clinton has expressed interest in Meryl Streep for the title role, but sources involved with the production say they're keen to cast an actress who looks more like Hillary during her law school years and early days as an attorney.

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