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Ready for some football? Start with 5 great onscreen moments

Football might have its biggest day of the year on Super Bowl Sunday, but thanks to the magic of movie- and television-making, the sport lives on in mythic proportions all year long. Here's a look at some of football's best onscreen moments:

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose," was a phrase that generated headlines during the 2012 presidential election, but it was actually made famous on the TV series "Friday Night Lights." The phrase was part of one of Coach Taylor's (Kyle Chandler) pep talks. Below, a mash-up of some of Coach's greatest phrases from the show.

Speaking of pep talks, Al Pacino's inspirational speech in "Any Given Sunday" could be to blame for the discomfort found in listening to "real" coaches give their halftime talks. Pacino is passionate, convincing and motivating. If at the end you aren't ready to "fight for every inch," well, maybe inspirational speeches just aren't for you. (Beware, there's some locker-room language in this one).

Less intense and far more amusing is the football scene in "The Wedding Crashers." The highlight is Bradley Cooper (who really became a household name thanks to the film) as Sack Lodge, a slightly creepy, overly competitive boyfriend who puts all his creepy, overly competitive qualities on display in what should be a friendly game of backyard touch football.

Turn back the clock for another backyard football game gone wrong. All Marcia Brady wanted to do on TV classic "The Brady Bunch" was tell the boys dinner was ready, and think about her dreamy date set for Saturday night. But ... OH, MY NOSE!

And since it's Super Bowl weekend, a weekend that's as much about football as it is the economic boost that comes from the big game, it seems fitting to end by saying, "Show me the money!" 

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