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Best bets: Rock out with the Grammy Awards

January was a dull month as far as entertainment goes, but this week roars back with the Grammy Awards, the return of "The Walking Dead," and an intriguing new movie, "Side Effects."

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LL Cool J returns to host the Grammy Awards for the second time.

FRIDAY: 'Side Effects'
Medication is an undeniable part of our world now, but in the new movie "Side Effects," it may be more of a problem than a help. Rooney Mara plays a young woman dealing with an anxiety disorder who suddenly finds a dead body in her home. Did the side effects of her medication turn her into a murderer? (Opens Feb. 8.)

SUNDAY: Grammys
Even if you hate awards shows, there's something appealing about the Grammys. Blended in with the typical speeches and other ceremonial bits, there's plenty of great music. This year's performers include Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Elton John and fun. LL Cool J returns as host. 

SUNDAY: 'Walking Dead' returns
The zombies aren't the worst foes out there on "The Walking Dead." The Governor is one evil dude, as if you couldn't tell from the heads he keeps in jars or the gladiator fights he stages. As the show returns after an end-of-year break, Rick and crew and The Governor are about to throw down. (Feb. 10, 9 p.m., AMC.)

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