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Lady Gaga postpones three concerts on tour

Lady Gaga has postponed her "Born This Way Ball" tour in three cities after an aggravated injury has left her unable to walk, according to a statement on her website.

"Due to a case of synovitis, (severe inflammation of joints), Lady Gaga's doctor has ordered her to postpone The Born This Way Ball performances in Chicago, Detroit and Hamilton (Ontario)," the statement read.

Gaga was quoted on the site as saying, "I am completely devastated and heartsick. I've been hiding this injury and pain from my staff for a month, praying it would heal, but after last night’s performance I could not walk. To the fans in Chicago, Detroit and Hamilton, I hope you can forgive me as it is nearly impossible for me to forgive myself right now. I would do anything for you. I will hopefully heal as soon as possible and be at 500% again, which is what you deserve.”

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Later, she tweeted: "It will hopefully heal as soon as possible, I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and Im sorry."

Fans with tickets to the performances were advised to hold on to those tickets until the dates can be rescheduled.

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