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'Skyfall' critics highlight 62 movie errors in fun viral video

Even Roger Moore, a former James Bond himself, has called “Skyfall,” the best  Bond film ever made. The 2012 movie based on Ian Fleming’s debonair spy racked up five Oscar nominations and won two -- for best original song and best sound editing.

Yet like all films, it has a few flaws. The fellows over at Cinema Sins have been poking holes in big-time movies like “The Hunger Games,” “Avatar,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” and now take on “Skyfall" in a fun viral video.

The video is breezy, clocking in around 4 minutes, but the lighthearted mockery moves a mile a second.

The video pokes fun at the film's insistence that Bond could be shot off of a moving train, fall limply into the water below and somehow survive with minimal injuries. It also zeroes in on huh-I-didn't-notice-that-questions. When Bond is fighting for his life on top of that speeding train, the video asks, “Why is there a random broken piece of chain just sitting atop this rapidly moving train car?” Um, it was in the script?

Francois Duhamel / AP

Oh, Mister Bond: Did you really survive that fall?

Some of the critiques are absolutely hilarious, asking viewers to think about the unbelievably in-depth evil plan of villain Silva (Javier Bardem). “After the Joker and Loki this is the third stupidest get-yourself-captured-and-then-escape-with-no-real-other-objective plan I’ve ever heard of in my life," cracks the video's narrator.

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