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'Star Wars' meets 'Schoolhouse Rock' in viral video

Children of the 1970s, you remember "Schoolhouse Rock," the short catchy musical bits that taught kids how to unpack their adjectives, helped them memorize the preamble to the constitution, and taught us all how a bill becomes a law.

Now "Schoolhouse Rock" has met up with another 1970s powerhouse, "Star Wars," in a smashing viral video. The video sets scenes from the "Star Wars" movies (the originals, please, not the sad sequels) to that "Grammar Rock" song "Interjections."

So instead of Reginald being home with flu (uh-huh!), it's Luke Skywalker getting his new prosthetic hand. Princess Leia is the "Geraldine" who played hard to get (ah-ha!), though "Geraldo" (Han Solo) knew he'd woo her yet. And when the "game was tied at 7-all," it's not Home vs. Visitors in a football stadium, but the Empire vs. the Rebels in a galactic brawl-for-it-all.

Wrote one viewer, "This is hysterically funny. I grew up w/ School House Rock and Star Wars in the 70s and am NOT easy to impress when it comes to things nerdy and comical. This had me in tears I was laughing so hard."

Another poster was hoping for a mashup set to History Rock's "Shot Heard Round the World." And he or she may get their wish for more content. The video was posted Feb. 24 by the YouTube account One Minute Galactica, and the poster says another mashup, using "Schoolhouse Rock's" camp-themed "Unpack Your Adjectives," could be on the way. He was a hairy Darth, he was a scary Darth...

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