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Remixed 'Gatsby' trailer matches 1974 film with 2013 music

The new Baz Luhrmann-directed film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby"made a big bang over the weekend at the box office with a $50 million take domestically, but it wasn't the first time the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic had been made for the big screen, Back in 1974, the book was adapted with stars Robert Redford (as Gatsby), Mia Farrow (as Daisy) and Sam Waterston (as Nick Carraway).

While critics have had mixed opinions about the current musically-modernized version, they were far less kind to 1974's take (written by Francis Ford Coppola and directed by Jack Clayton) -- the late critic Roger Ebert called it a "superficially beautiful hunk of a movie with nothing much in common with the spirit" of the novel.

But what if Clayton's adaptation had been Luhrmannized? What if you could take jazzed-up modern tunes and a score by Jay-Z and slap them on a hyper-cut trailer of the old film -- would the movie have seemed more exciting?

Film fan Richard Sandling (aka "That Awesome Movie Guy") wanted to find out, and cut a trailer from the 1974 film in the style of today's movie (see below).

Whatever you think of the new "old" film's trailer, the box office battle is still being waged: "Gatsby's" 1974 earnings of $26.5 million would be $121.7 million adjusted for inflation today.

Here's the "remixed" 1974 "Gatsby" trailer:

And here's the current "Gatsby" trailer it riffs from:

And for you completists, here's the original 1974 trailer, de-Luhrmannized: